Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Full-Time Blogger?

If my full-time job was inhibiting my blogging (which, yes, it was), I guess I have no excuses anymore.  I was fired from my "real" job last Tuesday, or should I say, the job I get paid for, anyway. 

I still have my blogging and my garden and my family to take care of, and my sewing and my Etsy store...  whoever said that stay at home moms ("SAHM's") don't have full-time jobs had no idea what they were saying.  It's just easier to be a better wife & mom, I think - and this is my own humble opinion - when you don't have a "real" 40-hour-plus-per-week job in the rat-race.  Now I will be able to focus my attention better on things that are more important.

No more fast food.  I think it's okay every now and then if you are on the go and have no other alternative, but it's really not good for you.  I really don't care for the expense of it, either - when I consider that for the $25 it would cost to feed my family at a fast food restaurant, I can purchase a roast, a bag of potatoes, some carrots and onions and a gallon of milk and still have over $5.00 change left in my pocket.

The focus of my writing here in the past was food, and recipes that anyone can make on a budget.  That focus will continue to remain, and as I am more driven to save my own money and make our family budget stretch a little further, I will be sharing everything I can since I will now have more time to do so.

The second day I was home, unemployed, was far from the depressed muck-on-the-couch with a bag of chocolate chips and a bottle of wine one might expect from someone who'd just been fired from their job.  My garden will expand to three times its size by the time I'm done.  It's already doubled with the help of my youngest son.  In addition to the tomatoes, peppers, strawberries, rhubarb, spinach, lettuce, carrots, onions, peas and beans we had already growing in the garden, we turned up another 15 x 15 plot and planted more beans, peas, radishes and peppers.  My son dug another 12 x 2 strip along the fenced dog kennel and we planted wax beans there.  Today we'll be putting in another plot for corn, pumpkins and cantelope. 

The more I plant, the less grass we'll have to mow.  I really can't see the downside to that!