Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Chicken Enchiladas

My kids have grown, and so have their appetites. I can easily cut this recipe in half if it's just Hubby & me at home, but when the boys are around I usually have to double it!
Now before I get into this recipe, I know there are some pretty creative cooks out there, but one of my Google ads at the bottom of my blog reads "Dog Recipes". WHAT??? I sure hope they are referring to recipes for homemade doggy treats - the kind you give to your dog, not the kind made from your dog! If anyone knows, please tell me it's not the latter! Otherwise, please just keep quiet, Jasmine and D.O.G may just be reading your comments from besides me as I sit on the couch with my laptop... Eew! I don't even want to think about it!
Now this recipe is absolutely wonderful. And it contains NO dog :)

Chicken Enchiladas

1-2 green bell peppers
1 medium onion, chopped (this can be omitted if you dont like onion)
1/2 stalk of celery (about 2 cups), chopped
3 boneless, skinless chicken breasts, cut into 1" pieces

In a large frying pan, fry the chicken in about 1-2 tablespoons of olive or vegetable oil, salt and pepper to taste. Add the chopped veggies and sautee until the vegetables are only a little soft, they should still have some crunch left in them.

In a separate bowl, mix an 8-oz container of sour cream (light sour cream is ok) with a 16-oz. jar of prepared chicken or turkey gravy (or 2 cups of homemade).
Stir 4 tablespoons of the gravy/sour cream mixture into the chicken/vegetable combination.

Spoon about 1/2 to 3/4 cup of the meat/vegetable mixture onto 10" flour tortillas. There is no need to fold over the ends. I prefer Reser's brand, because they are thin but don't rip apart. This recipe is better with a thin tortilla than with thick ones.

Line up the enchiladas in a microwave-safe glass baking dish as you roll them up. My microwave will accomodate a 9x13 baking pan, be sure to check yours before you fill the dish. This can also be baked in the oven for 30 minutes if you prefer. When all the enchiladas have been rolled up, pour the entire bowl of gravy/sour cream mixture over the top so that everything is covered. Cover the dish with saran wrap or a cover if you have one, and microwave on high for 10 minutes.
Remove from the microwave (or oven) and sprinkle an entire 8-oz. package of shredded Monterey Jack cheese over the top (I use a Mexican blend, sometimes the kind with jalapenos), and return to the microwave, uncovered, for 3 minutes longer, so cheese is melted.

For ease in serving, allow this to stand for about 3-5 minutes before dishing up.

I serve this with a lot of lettuce, tomatoes and salad-type veggies. Refried beans or Spanish rice are good on the side, too...

If you try any of the recipes on my blog, this one has to be it! It's one of my personal favorites :)


  1. That looks incredible. I make a similar recipe using brown gravy mix( the powder) and it is a family favorite. No dog in mine either and Sasha is very upset about that lol


  2. So beautifully presented! Looks delicious too.


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